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New Shutters Improved the Look of My Home

I wanted a new look, but I honestly did not know what it was. If I personally wanted a new look for myself, I would have no problem. However, when updating my home to look better, I know that I am not an interior decorator by any stretch of the imagination. My sister is the one who helps me with this kind of thing, so I had her over for lunch. When I told her I wanted something different, the first thing she did was suggest that I look into plantation shutters.

She told me that a friend of hers recently updated her own house with new shutters, and the difference was more than she could have hoped for. I did not doubt my sister for a minute because I knew that she was on top of things like this. The two of us looked at the company’s website on my computer, and I was really surprised at what I saw. I was expecting something like the wooden shutters that our parents had, but these were not anything like that. These shutters are wood, but that is where the comparison ends.

They are quite stylish, and they are custom made to fit any window. That was one of the reasons why my sister suggested this to me, because my living room windows are not a typical shape. Knowing that Orange County Shutters would send an interior designer out to help me pick the absolute right shutters for these windows is what sealed the deal for me. It also helps that their prices are pretty amazing considering the level of quality that they deliver. It did not happen overnight because they did have to custom make them, but it was not long before my house looked completely different all because of a few changes, the most noticeable one being the new shutters.

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