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Minimalist Design House Model, The Trend In The Year 2018

Above this is one example of a minimalist house. The design of a house with minimalist style was estimated in the 1920s already developed, but not yet as popular as it is today. Just beginning in 1990 the concept that brought this simplicity began to be widely known and continues to experience such a rapid development ten years later.


Many people think the minimalist home design has the character of a simple house form, but still has the value of beauty with a more spacious layout.


Actually, the beginning of the concept of minimalist home design is a form of efficient use of building materials. In other home design concepts, usually, the use of building materials is excessive. In addition to this could lead to depletion of natural resources, also requires a lot of funds.


Emphasis on the function of the use of building materials and accessories in a more minimal way has a strong emphasis of the minimalist home model. Likewise with the use of decoration is not too needed so that the efficiency of the use of materials more can be optimized. Of course, the home designers have their own challenges in making the design or design of a minimalist home model. Today many new models are offered by home designers both in composition and form.


Here are some examples of minimalist home design models:



  1. Minimalist home design 2018


Ever since the minimalist home has been in demand by many, the home designers always offer the latest home models. One of the minimalist home design 2018 is highlighting the elegant and modern side for prospective buyers. It is currently the elegant and modern side to be one of the selling power of most minimalist homes this year.



  1. 2-story minimalist house design



The design of this 2-story minimalist house is suitable for large families. The choice of a good space order by presenting a modern architectural style can present a large enough room. In addition, the use of building materials must also be selective. Discuss first with the experts to design a 2-floor minimalist house design. You can search a lot of inspirational images on the internet to find the right choice.







  1. Simple minimalist home design 1 floor


Currently, it is not difficult to find a simple minimalist home design 1 floor. Many options are offered and although the house is simple, but will still seem airy because the concept of minimalism that carried.





  1. Home type minimalist design 36



Minimalist type 36 design house including the most sought after. Some of the causes are because the model of this house is suitable for a family that is not so big and the most important reason because the design of minimalist house type 36 does not require a lot of cost in the making. The design of this model can be said to be comfortable, but affordable.



  1. Design of a minimalist 3 bedroom house



In-House Design minimalist 3 Bedroom to note is the efficiency of space so that other rooms still get a portion of a balanced size. Land area calculations need to be carefully measured and divided



  1. Minimalist type 45 design



Design of minimalist house type 45 is included in the category of luxury homes. However, the type of house is actually not far away with type 36. So, still needed interior arrangement so as not to take too much space.



  1. Minimalist type 21 design



Minimalist type 21 design house included into a small house with an area of ​​21 square meters. It takes the right designing when building this type of house. Exactly if we use a minimalist model because this concept will be able to maximize the space in land use. House occupants still have enough space and a minimalist home model will also make the house look modern.



  1. Design of minimalist house 2-floor type 36



Building a house with a minimalist design 2-floor type 36 will provide wider space for the occupants. What is meant by 2nd-floor 2nd-floor type 36 house here is the ground floor area (one) house is 36 square meters, while the second floor can vary. Generally no wider than the other floor. The choice of the spatial order is still required in this design, lest there be an unused order.

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